Friday, March 19, 2010

Dog Lover

Tonight Liam took Chester's bowl to the living and put his puppies face in the bowl. I guess he thought it was his puppies turn to eat! How smart...... and oh so CUTE!!!!!! Liam takes this dog with him everywhere!!
Liam really loves to be in the dog's crate! Often times he forces Maverick out so that he can get in. You might be wondering why he has a roll of paper towels with him......... He took them from me while I was cleaning the bathroom........ a couple minutes later.... this is how I found him!

On a different note..... I thought that I would include some of the words that Liam is saying these days:
"ga" = Gamma
mama (of course!)
he has also said Mammie a couple of times! We have been working on this one!
"me" (soft E) = milk
mum mum (his favorite snack)
******* ONE MORE THING*******
We just recently found out that we are becoming a family of 4!! I still cant believe it! But what a blessing!!! We will keep you up to date on the pregnancy once more significant things happen. I am going to try to take more belly pics with this one. I failed miserably to do that with Liam's pregnancy.

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Angela said...

So very excited for your family! Poor baby's announcement came in a post titled "Dog Lover"...

Love you!