Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pictures

Easter 2009
Easter 2010



Happy Family!!!

This Easter was so fun! The boys are bigger and were able to hunt eggs. Last yeas neither one of them were walking yet. We had a great day today spending time with family and celebrating the work that Jesus completed for us!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dog Lover

Tonight Liam took Chester's bowl to the living and put his puppies face in the bowl. I guess he thought it was his puppies turn to eat! How smart...... and oh so CUTE!!!!!! Liam takes this dog with him everywhere!!
Liam really loves to be in the dog's crate! Often times he forces Maverick out so that he can get in. You might be wondering why he has a roll of paper towels with him......... He took them from me while I was cleaning the bathroom........ a couple minutes later.... this is how I found him!

On a different note..... I thought that I would include some of the words that Liam is saying these days:
"ga" = Gamma
mama (of course!)
he has also said Mammie a couple of times! We have been working on this one!
"me" (soft E) = milk
mum mum (his favorite snack)
******* ONE MORE THING*******
We just recently found out that we are becoming a family of 4!! I still cant believe it! But what a blessing!!! We will keep you up to date on the pregnancy once more significant things happen. I am going to try to take more belly pics with this one. I failed miserably to do that with Liam's pregnancy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun Times!!

Tonight JT was trying to teach Liam how to play fetch with Chester. Liam thought it was so funny when JT would throw the toy for Chester. Then when JT would try to get Liam to throw the toy, he would just laugh and hand the toy to Chester. TOO CUTE!!!! It was so fun to watch! I cant help but think of all the fun times JT and Liam will have together when Liam start learning how to play sports. He will have his daddy right there to help him!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Liam is 1 year old!!

Liam on his first birthday! 2/2/10

Liam on his Birth day. 2/2/09

What a great year it has been!! It is amazing to watch this little person grow right in front of your eyes. He is such a special gift and we are so blessed to have him as a son. I cant wait to see what the next year will hold. We love you Liam!!!! By the way, Liam has been taking one or two steps here or there. But tonight he took 4,5,&6 steps walking back and forth between me and JT. We were soooo excited and made a huge deal about it. Liam knew that he had done something special :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 Months old! (Can you believe it?)

Our baby is now 9 months old. Three more months and he will be 1!!! Where does the time go? I am trying to savor this first year, I mean, look at all the milestones and accomplishments that take place during thier first year of life! These days Liam is getting more and more mobile and independent. Here is what is going on in his life:
-Liam eats three meals a day plus nurses 3 to 4 times a day. He is only serious about nursing 2 times a day. The other times he just wants a "snack."
-Liam still eats baby food from the jar but I try to give him finger foods at every meal as well.
Finger foods he loves:
Black Olives
Green Beans
Black Beans
Turkey Dogs
Baked Potatoes
Physical Development:
Liam has been army crawling for about a month now. He will go from sitting to his hands and knees and then to his belly. It is amazing how fast he is!! Liam will also pull up on things every once in a while...... but we still help him in this area quite a bit. Liam loves to crawl to the dog bowls, door stoppers, and electrical cords. :(
Liam's new favorite game is to throw his toys and then chase after them. This will keep him entertained for a while (it also keeps us entertained too!).
We are also working on some basic sign language with Liam. So far he will sign "all done" and "more." I think that is a pretty good start!
Liam also will clap when he gets excited or sees people that he loves. He also loves to wave bye- bye.
Lastly, we have discovered that if Liam is not happy we can just put him in the bathtub. This kid loves to take baths! He will sit in the bath and play for as long as I will let him!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Monster Baby!!

Liams friends from church, arent they adorable!!

Liam's first Halloween was a success! He actually didnt mind being dressed up!
On Friday night we went to the Fall Festival at church. Cousin Cal, Aunt Mel, Uncle Jared, Gamma, and Grandpa all came as well. It was so much fun!! We didnt go Trick or Treating on Halloween because lets face it Liam wouldnt have even known what was going on. I am hoping that next year will be a different story! It is such a blessing to get to be Liam's mom! He is the sweetest little boy!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun in the Backyard!

Last night we had so much fun spending time as a family. I feel like we need to get better at spending good quality time together! Yes, we see each other everyday but how often do we intentionally spend quality time together? We put a fire in the fire pit and laid a blanket on the lawn. Liam had a blast laughing at the dogs as they ran around in circles and J.T. and I had a good time relaxing as a family with no distractions!! So refreshing!!!! Well I guess JT had a good time pulling weeds too! Thank you Jesus for blessing me with such an awesome family!!!